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The Next Generation Yield Protocol

One-click access to fully automated high-yield DEFI investment vaults.

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Rumi Finance is a permissionless DeFi protocol that offers risk adjusted leveraged yield strategies using different protocols and across different blockchains. Our platform has two sides

Lending in Rumi Prime

Lend crypto assets on our Lending Module, Prime. Earn passive income at lower risk: no impermanent loss, no fees, protected by the Rumi Guard Reserve.

Invest in Rumi’s Automated Hedge-Vaults

Advanced High Yield Structured Vaults that deliver the best risk adjusted returns for investors. Delta Neutral leveraged strategies on Uniswap V3 and GMX with Impermanent Loss Hedging. Fully automated and protected by our AI powered risk management engine.

DeFi Real Yields on Autopilot

Gain access to wealth creation tools reserved until now to sophisticated Institutional investors

Our protocol abstracts DeFi complexity into a simple, easy to use solution that brings to life sustainable and superior yields for its users. Strategy backtesting, optimal portfolio vaults, automated rebalances, automated liquidity management, automated debt management and risk management, among others.

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The Rumi Finance Protocol Components

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Rumi Finance Strategy Factory

Our quantitative research team models, tests and designs composable yield strategies using on-chain DeFi primitives such as liquidity provisioning, staking and lending, and leverage them using Prime, our prime brokerage module. These strategies involve the integration with a series of pre-vetted DeFi protocols across different blockchains that are composed together programmatically.

We design strategies that can cater for different risk-reward profiles and market conditions: market neutral or directional.

Strategy Optimization Tools

Rumi Finance developed a series of tool in order to optimize our strategies and maximise risk adjusted returns

  • Automated liquidity range management for UniswapV3
  • Impermanent loss hedging
  • Optimal portfolio allocation for vaults with combined strategies
  • Automated yield harvesting and compounding

Learn more about our tooling

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Prime: Rumi Finance Prime Brokerage Module

Prime is an under-collateralised lending module that was created to support capital efficiency and hedging mechanisms of DeFi Blue’s leverage yield strategies. It is composed of single sided asset vaults (USDC, ETH, etc), where users can provide low risk liquidity in exchange of APR. The single asset liquidity providers (SALPs) are given in exchange interest bearing tokens (ibTokens). These tokens automatically accrue the interest and fees in proportion to the % they own of the vaults.

Read more about Prime

Rumi Finance Vaults

All our strategies are deployed on our vaults, which are permissionless smart contracts that can be accessed using self-custodial wallets such as Metamask and Wallet Connect. Some of our vaults combine a number of automated strategies, making it easier to invest in multiple pools with one click.

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Multi Pool Portfolio
Arbitrum Multipool
See AppRumi Finance
ETH/USDC 0.05%
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ETH/USDT 0.05%
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See AppRumi Finance

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Risk Management Engine

Rumi Finance has an embedded risk management engine that monitors every aspect of how the protocol functions. The risk engine tracks hundreds of data points on our strategies, assets, integrated protocols and blockchains and has an alert system that executes multiple procedural protocols based on the urgency and severity of the situation.

More on our Risk Engine

Shaping the Future of DeFi Asset Management


Targeting the most relevant and reputable blockchains and ecosystems with significant DeFi potential


Quantitative driven yield strategies using pre-vetted DeFi protocols. Ability to create custom portfolios containing multiple yield strategies

Programable and Automated Vaults

Our smart contract vaults allow, among other things: Automatic harvesting and compounding, Liquidity range optimisation (for Uniswap v3), automatic Rebalancing, Portfolio optimisation.

Risk Management

Rumi Finance believes Risk Management should be at the core of our operating system, and it is reflected in every function.

Securely Managed

Audited smart contracts by Hacken
Self Custody – our platform is non custodial so your funds are always at your disposal

Easy to Use & Transparent

Striving to provide the best user experience with one-click investments and withdrawals, real time analytics and dashboards, API data services

Designed for Investors Who Are Serious About Performance and Risk Management

DeFi Native

Have access to automatic wealth creation with our one-click investment strategies. Smart set and forget investments where Rumi Finance does the hard work for you. Access real time analytics of your portfolios.

Institutional Investors

Our Institutional Investor interface DeFi Blue allows institutional investors to leverage the power of Rumi Finance technology with special features designed for institutional investing: white listed custom strategy vaults, API services for internal and external reporting, integration with KYT anc KYC providers.

DeFi Protocols & Treasury Managers

Our solution allows for treasury diversification and yield automation for different risk profiles. Our strategies are scalable while maintaining the selected risk profile. Chose your portfolio, have your own whitelisted vaults and start earning.

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